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 0843 168 0453

Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. We are not affiliated with Apple, this is a call connection service.

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Apple is an iconic multinational brand renowned for providing the world with innovative gadgets and software. The cornerstone of technology supplies consumers with mobile phones, laptops, tablets and more. Apple can offer expert advice and tips from their Apple stores, by e-mail, their website or by simply phoning their Apple Support number on 0843 168 0453.

Lines are open 7 days a week, Monday to Friday 08:00 – 21:00 and Saturday to Sunday 09:00 – 18:00.

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About Apple

Call the Apple Contact Number today on 0843 168 0453This widely recognised company is known as one of the most influential companies in the technology sector. The media often reports on Apple’s rivalry with Samsung and Microsoft. This proves a spectacle each time there’s a new release to hit the stores from those companies.

Apple is the world’s biggest information technology company and the world’s second largest mobile manufacturer. Despite this, they have the most well-known phone model in the world with their iPhone series. This business showcase a number of ‘I’ products, such as the iPod, iPad and iPhone.

This go-to place for all the latest gadgets is synonymous with ground-breaking technology, providing consumers with the latest software. They specialise in laptops, tablets, phones, music, TV and more. Their services have expanded over the years and they now boast their own TV service, smart watch and music software.

The History of Apple

This well-known company was formed in 1976, by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The trio began their quest from a garage specialising in creating computers for the home. After experiments with different computers and motherboards, they continued and launched the Apple I computer. This was created without Ronald Wayne, who sold his share of the company for just $800. After receiving funding and expertise, the company started making exponential growth.

Their revenue almost doubled every four months and their yearly sales in 1977 went from $775,000 to $118m in three years. There were profound differences between the typical Linux or Windows software in comparison to the Apple Macintosh.

After years of lessons, power struggles and other events, they continued to make rapid growth and are now a multi-billion dollar company acknowledged as one of the most powerful in the world. Steve Jobs passed away in 2011 leaving behind a legacy, even having a film based on his life events.

Apple Products & Services

After continued success, the multi-billion dollar company have continued to invest in new ideas and products. Although, still specialising in technology, their expertise vary from product to product. Not only do they apply the best software to their gadgets and the sleekest products, but also provide their own TV and music services.


The first one was released in 2001, and the latest release was the extra small, iPod Nano. An item that rivalled the typical MP3 player and Mini Disc player, but it soon revolutionised how we listen to music. With iconic white headphones, their brand soon grew and purchasing these portable music players became a ‘cool’ cult. Their Apple iTunes software could be used to transfer photos, music and other files.


Many of the iPods became obsolete as the iPhone grew. The phone also has the iTunes software and like most phones today, it can be used as a portable media player. Its first release was in 2007 and since then consumers have seen 7 generations after the recent unravelling of the iPhone 7. With ambitious ideas and dreams from Steve Jobs to create an Internet communicator that’d be operated as a touch screen soon became reality. Surpassing many people’s expectations.


In 2010, Apple created the iPad, a multi-media tablet with a rapid processor, front and back camera and multiple features. With access to the Wi-Fi and software such as iTunes, iBookstore and more, many replaced their laptops with this product. There are new releases such as iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Retina.


The MacBook made significant changes and transitions from the first computers made by Apple. Their trademark translucent coloured plastics on their G3 was abandoned and they tried to create a modernistic sleek portrayal of their latest invention. The MacBook continues to release different models, including, MacBook Retina, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Apple TV

Created in 2007, the Apple TV has been a purveyor of multiple media setups. It has the ability to stream media, such as iTunes, television, YouTube and Netflix. It’s possible to rent movies and TV shows from internet sources. The small box runs quietly and has 120gb built-in storage.

Apple Music

Released in just 2015, this new music platform took consumers by storm. The music-streaming outlet can be used to purchase music, listen live, create playlists and more. With a monthly membership payment, users can listen to almost any song of their choice without paying every time.

Apple Watch

Their smart watch is another multi-media gadget with numerous features. The eye-catching watch can sync with iTunes, iPhone and also use other software via the Wi-Fi. It also has fitness tracking capabilities that monitor someone’s progress, such as how many steps somebody has taken or how far they’ve traveled.

Apple Customer Service

There are multiple reasons to get in touch with this technology giant. With so many different programs and items, they have a number of enquiries. It is possible to email them, visit their website for help or you could easily give them a call on 0843 168 0453. If you visit Apple’s website, it is possible to gain advice online via their chat on your iPhone.

You can also get in contact with Apple via the post using the address below:

2 Furzeground Way,
Stockley Park,

For a prompt resolution from the team, be sure to include your phone number, email address, issue with the products and postal address.

Apple Technical Support

It’s easy to get hold of the team that you need to contact, get support for your products. They provide a team of experts that can help solve your problems.

 Calling for more Information about your Product

There’s not just one Apple contact number or department, so pick out the particular number sure to help your enquiry from the table above.

App Store Number

If you are calling from the UK you can ring 0843 168 0453 or get assistance with their particular technology on 0800 048 0754.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I purchase Apple products?

Apple gadgets such as MacBook, iPad and iPhones can all be purchased either in-store or online. Their official website is obviously the safest and most reliable place to pick up an Apple item. But there are registered re-sellers too, be sure to get an item with a valid warranty.

Is finance available for product purchases?

Apple have teamed up with numerous banks and finance companies, including the likes of Barclays. It is now possible to finance your favourite products and simply pay monthly. For the chance of gaining a finance deal, phone 0843 168 0453 and you’ll receive information on how to apply and where to apply. You’ll also be privy to information on rates and payments that you’d be expected to pay.

When will my product order be delivered?

An order shouldn’t take longer than a week, but to make sure your item is on its way check it online. Their website will enable you to log-in and type in your specific tracking number. You’ll then be able to see exactly how long your product will take to reach your door.

How Apple Music Works?

With the introduction of their Music app, many consumers are still rather unsure on the media platform. It’s very easy to use and their interface has been altered since its release. Log into your iTunes and sign-up as a member. You’ll be charged monthly and will be able to enjoy an array of different genres, albums and artists without additional charges.

Where can I go for product support?

As you now know, there are copious amounts of products and services, but they have support for each and every one. It is possible to gain all the customer support you need with Apple Support numbers or Apple contact numbers. If you don’t wish to phone the Technology giant’s Customer Service telephone number, then you can visit their official website or go into a store local to you. Use the Apple store locator from the comfort of your home.

How can I get a Refund?

Phone the Apple Customer Service number and fill them in on the details. Most unopened products can be exchanged for another item or for a full refund. There are also cases where you can trade in your product for a refund when it has been opened. It’s best to get in contact with their Customer Service for clear instructions on what you should do next.

Alternative ways to get in touch with Apple

Apple Head Office UK Address

2 Furzeground Way

Stockley Park

Uxbridge (UK)

UB11 1BB

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