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0843 168 0457

Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. This is a call connection service and we are not affiliated with Barclays.

Call the Barclays Contact Number Today

The easiest way to contact Barclays customer service support is over the telephone with a number of departments and experts available at the other end of a call. This company are renowned for their banks, credit cards and other financial services.

You can call the Barclays contact number on 0843 168 0457, lines are open 7am – 11pm 7 days a week.

Alternative Barclays Phone Numbers

About Barclays

Call the Barclays Contact Number on 0843 168 0457To describe their history as rich is an understatement, experience is one of many qualities they don’t lack. Formed over 300 years ago, this bank continues to dominate the banking industry and provides customers with banks, credit, loans, finance agreements and they even partner with huge companies such as Apple.

As well as their banking and other finance-related ventures, they are also widely recognised because of their different sponsors and relationships with sports, companies and more.

They currently sponsor the biggest football league in the world, the Barclays Premier League is the English top flight football league. They also sponsored the Dubai Tennis Championships back in 2008 and other football leagues between the period of 1987-1993.

Barclays Customer Service

Being such a large bank with a variety of departments and opportunities for credit or other agreements, it’s important for their team to be up to scratch. That’s why a company of this magnitude requires an in-depth telephone team that can answer to any questions or queries.

For anybody that requires help, there’s a list of numbers and departments that can be contacted, see the above table or or general enquires call the Barclays phone number – 0843 168 0457.

General Enquiries

The general enquires phone number for Barclays is 0843 168 0457 and is the go-to number if you are unsure on which department or switchboard you should be put in touch with. If you are ringing to report a lost or stolen card then be sure to press and select option 1, if you need assistance with your account then press number 2.

The Barclays contact number is available from 07:00 until 23:00 7 days a week apart from bank holidays, check their website for more information on times.

Personal Accounts

For any customers that are phoning about a personal account, it’s easy to get in touch with the department you need. You can phone their Additions number or choose the Additions Plus contact number. You can gain more information about your account and ask any questions that you may have.

Customers can ask for their balance over the telephone as well as requesting other pivotal information such as advice, overdraft details and more.

Reasons to Call the Personal Accounts Number 0843 168 0457

  • Additions Account Customers
  • Additions Plus & Current Account
  • First Additions
  • Open a new account
  • Open a Student Account
  • Features Store


Those who require more information about potential saving accounts and all of the different options can look online. But any customers that are struggling to locate the information they need can get in touch with the saving contact number and ask specialised staff. They will be able to answer about interest rates, ISA accounts, saving bonds and more.


Both existing loan customers and potential loan holders can phone the same Barclays loan contact line. Get in touch with their team for any queries related to a loan you already have with them or to apply for a loan that suits you.

Online Banking

Technology has come along way and much of our balance checks, statements and other info are all accessed via the Internet, it saves us time and hassle. But if you’re experiencing any problems with your online account or you need to activate one, then phone up their digital helpdesk on 0843 168 0457.

If you can’t find the number you think you require then don’t hesitate to phone the Barclays helpdesk using the above number. If you have concerns about your account security and wish to send out an email, then be sure to use [email protected].

Telephone Banking

You can access your account over the telephone and get your balance and any other general details. But you may also wish to report something more urgent, such as fraudulent activity or to simply question some transactions that aren’t recognised. This can be done very quickly with the telephone banking phone number which can be found in the above table.

Barclays Insurance

Barclays extend their services further than just banking and loans, they also offer customers the chance to insure themselves too. Sometimes you can find great packages with the bank and saving accounts that will automatically cover you abroad, if you are unsure then give them a call and check if you currently have travel or life insurance.

Life Insurance

This finance provider and purveyor of numerous policies have a number of non-advisable life insurance options, meaning that you get to pick them on your own accord. These essential policies should not be underestimated and there’s more than just one choice. That’s why it can be integral to find out more before taking out a life insurance account.

They are underwritten by Aviva and can cover up to £500,000 for a policy holder’s death. There are also specific policies for over 50’s too. For more details and to directly speak about these insurance policies, phone the life insurance contact number.

Health Insurance

Consumers can make a claim for their insurance to cover any private medical treatment and bills. To take out a policy or to simply speak to a member of staff, be sure to call the free Barclays telephone number- 0843 168 0457.

Car Insurance

For any current car owners who use Barclays car insurance, they can phone the specific phone number. Whether it’s to ask for more information, provide new details, or to notify the company of a change of address. It’s also possible to take out a new account if you aren’t already a member.

Travel Insurance

It’s important to cover yourself during your travels, so if you haven’t already got travel insurance it could be worth a phone call. Barclays travel insurance number is available here, and you can take it out or check to see if you are already covered.

Frequently Asked Questions About Barclays

Many current customers and potential clients are found with the same questions and that’s why it’s beneficial to read through the commonly asked questions before using your time phoning around. You may be able to save yourself time without phoning the Barclays helpline.

Have I got Travel Insurance with Barclays?

Some of the Barclays bank holders or creditcard customers are automatically covered when they travel. This should not assumed though as it’s completely dependent on an individual case. Phone the travel insurance number to find out more.

Can I qualify for a Barclays Loan?

Use MoneySuperMarket and find advice on your credit score before applying online. But the only real way to determine is to try online, but do bear in mind that if you are rejected this could affect your score.

When Does Barclays Close?

If you are looking to phone, then the times vary for each department / branch. Most of their branches are open between 9am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Their phone times vary and so do the different branch locations.

Find your nearest branch using the finder feature here. This domain will enable you to find the closest branch to you right now and will also reveal the times it’s open.

Reasons to Phone the Barclays Contact Number

  • To check your account balance and other details
  • For general queries on your current account, bank or credit card
  • To apply for a loan or finance package
  • If you are having problems with your bank card
  • If a device or card has been lost or stolen
  • To get advice on your current finance policies with Barclays
  • To check whether you have life, travel or other insurance with Barclays
  • There are many other reasons to phone up but check out our information before doing so.

Alternative ways to Contact Barclays Customer Service Team

You don’t necessarily have to phone Barclays, you can also visit their official Barclays website and check out the social media pages too. It’s also possible to send them a letter via post.


Barclays Customer Services,
1 Churchill Place,
E14 5HP,
United Kingdom.

Social Media

Take a look at their Facebook for regular updates and advice on your finances, insurance and much more. You can also get in touch with their staff via Twitter. Please be aware that response times may be considerably longer than phoning if you are to use this method of contact.

All Helpline numbers are in no way associated with Barclays, all information you see on this website can be found freely in the public domain. 

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