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 0843 903 1129

Calls to this number will cost 7p per minute plus your phone company’s access charge. This is a call connection service. We are not affiliated with BT Broadband.

BT Broadband Contact Number

Call the BT Broadband Contact Number on 0843 903 1129Customers with problems relating specifically to their BT Broadband can rectify all their problems with the numbers available on this page. Their specific team members solve all problems, questions and enquiries in a timely manner, meaning that those phoning should have a resolution in no-time.

If you need to speak with BT Broadband Customer Service you can call the BT Broadband contact number on 0843 903 1129.

Calling the BT Broadband Contact Number?

There are many reasons someone may wish to call BT Broadband for support or to enquire. Whether you are a current BT Customer or merely someone interested in their services, you can call their customer service line, or another telephone number that could answer all your questions. So why do people usually call for BT support?

  • You can phone to cancel your current service or tariff
  • To upgrade, downgrade or enquire about changing your service, this could include your broadband, TV package and landline
  • If you are having problems with signal, internet connection or other technical issues then you may need to call their experts
  • If you are looking into joining BT then you can call up and find out more and you’ll be set-up before you know it
  • Anyone looking to hear more about the broadband specifics including speed, how long it takes to set-up and the tariffs can call up and ask more
  • If you are moving home and wish to notify and transfer your broadband service

Alternative BT Broadband Phone Numbers

BT Broadband Services

You can phone the BT Broadband phone number on 0843 903 1129 and the customer care advisers will answer all questions and enquiries about your current deal or the tariffs they have available for new customers.

The team are very helpful and will provide assistance to those in need of it, but alternatively customers can visit the BT website for more information before calling.

How to Cancel Your Broadband with BT

If you are looking to cancel your current deal with BT then phone up the cancelling BT Broadband telephone number on 0800 783 1401It won’t take long to bring the service to a halt, you will need to phone up and explain why you are cancelling and you’ll then be informed of the last payment, the date your service will officially end and how you’ll receive confirmation.

Locate the cancellation number above or call BT Broadband customer service on 0843 903 1129 and request the switchboard to transfer you to the relevant department. Lines are open Monday to Friday 08:00 – 21:00, Saturday 08:00 – 20:00 and Sunday 09:00 – 18:00.

Testing the Speed of the Internet

If you’ve got issues with the speed of your Internet, then you can carry out some test from home before phoning the experts. Monotonous calls can sometimes be avoided, so it’s well worth checking and monitoring your Internet speeds first, plus this puts you in good stead for when you do call the technical support. Follow our steps to test your speed:

  1. You can quite easily log into your account by clicking here.
  2. After carrying out your account checks simply go to diagnostics and ask for an Internet speed check.
  3. It will conduct a test and then deem whether you can opt for an easy fix online or whether it’s more serious, if so, you can book an engineer out on that page.

Using the Troubleshooter

Any problems with your Internet can be looked at via the official BT troubleshooter, this section of the website offers assistance for all customers meaning that not everyone will need to speak to a member of staff. Go online and find out if you can quickly solve your web’ issues without making a call.

BT Broadband Technical Support

If you’re not computer savvy and need to be talked through your actions step-by-step, it can be done with their own technical support. You can call the BT Broadband techinical support number on 0843 903 1129, if it cannot be solved on the spot they will book an engineer for you.

About BT

BT are renowned in the UK for offering television channels, phone lines and mobile phone services, but they specialise in bringing fast internet to each and every home in Britain. All customers or those looking to join BT Broadband, can now get in touch with BT Broadband customer service using the phone numbers here.

BT offers broadband and fibre optic Internet connection, ensuring that all customers have the option of different speeds and services to suit their particular household. There are a number of deals available with BT and their broadband often ties in with other packages, meaning consumers can embrace the BT Sports channels, landline calls and cloud storage.

More About BT

This telecommunications company is a leading broadband business in the UK and continue to excel with their customer service friendly, multiple tariffs and high-speed Internet. For reliable Internet at great prices, check out their different packages, they have the right Internet for different individuals. See below, for more information on a variety of services.


Their unlimited broadband package includes unlimited Internet, reaches speeds of 17mb and has 100gb of cloud storage. There will also be other perks to this option with free BT Sport, a virus protection and UK weekend calls on a landline and more.

BT Infinity 1

Infinity 1 package went from providing speeds of 38mb to incredible 52mb. There’s unlimited usage, 100gb storage on the BT cloud, BT Sport add-on options and much more. There are regular deals on this package that can be embraced throughout the year.

BT Infinity 2

Find BT Broadband discount codes and other promotions before finalising your purchase, there’s plenty of deals available on their tariffs. The Infinity 2 is one up from Infinity 1 with 72gb Internet speeds, BT Sport options, £100’s worth of cloud storage and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before looking to call some of the above numbers, find out if your question has been answered here, we list some of the most commonly asked questions by customers or potential customers.

How to install broadband?

You shouldn’t panic about installing your broadband, if you opt to do it yourself, it will be with you much quicker. You will receive instructions with picture and can always phone this company for more information. You can also click here for more or view the above video.

What BT Broadband speed can I get?

This depends on which package you choose, you can get Infinity 2 at speeds of 72mb or go for the Fibre Optic that reaches over 76mb.

What is BT Broadband accelerator?

It’s possible for customers to request an add-on to their Internet, it’s called an accelerator and will amplify the speed by an extra 1.5mb and also stabilises the connection. They can be bought online and also requested from the team.

How to order broadband from BT?

Go onto their official website, or simply call the BT Broadband contact number on 0843 903 1129. Ordering doesn’t take long and all consumers can ask for details on different internet options.

What packages can I get from BT?

Take a look above for the typical broadband service, Infinity 1 and 2, and also the Fibre Optic package.

Why is my Internet being slow?

Use the troubleshooter on BT’s website or call for technical support. The BT Broadband contact number is 0843 903 1129.

Alternative ways to contact BT Broadband

Social Media

Join BT on social media, to interact with them, stay updated on the latest news and more.

Facebook– Their Facebook page enables customers to hear the latest news, hve their say and also find out what the latest deals are.

Twitter– If you wish to send them a tweet, then follow their page on Twitter where they will share the latest details about their broadband, packages and other services.

BT Email

If you wish to get in contact with BT, but would rather not call them, then click here to e-mail. Alternatively you can visit their website to speak to a member of their team via live chat.

Helpful Details

Some of these links can be useful for customers, find out the status of your service here, or track your order or manage your services by logging into your account on their domain.

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