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 0843 168 0458

Calls to this number will cost 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. This is a call connection service which will connect you directly to the BT customer service team. We are not affiliated with BT.

Call the BT Contact Number Today

Call the BT Contact Number on 0843 168 0458There are numerous reasons to get expert advice and assistance from the BT help team, and with so many specialities you will need to be put through to the appropriate team. Their company boast departments for broadband, mobile phones, landlines and even their very own sports channels.

It’s easy to get hold of a member of their staff, they have a customer service phone number that will answer to your call. For any general enquiries or if you are unsure which department will best deal with your query, then call the BT contact number on 0843 168 0458.

What BT Customer Services Can Help With?

See the latter section of frequently asked questions before making a phone call and see if you can resolve any issues you have from home. If you can’t then here reasons to call the BT helpline number.

  • Technical difficulties with any of the BT services
  • Problem with phone sound or it won’t dial out
  • Moving home
  • Require information on the general account
  • Complaints
  • Mobile phone service
  • Info on devices

Moving Home or Switching

For current customers that are moving home, there’s a whole procedure that makes the process smooth. So a simple phone call to notify them will not take long and will sort out your services for the new address.

Whether it’s a landline that needs changing, a new installation of broadband or to let them know that you want the BT Sports package to still be working when you arrive at your new home, they will help you with your requirements.


Anybody that needs to phone for cancellations or downgrades can call the BT cancellation number on 0843 168 0458. A customer service adviser will help you cancel you BT Sports bundle, broadband, phone or all of those services.

It’s easy to do and doesn’t take long, so ring the BT support team on and start cancelling the services you no longer need. If you struggle to get through on the above number you can also try 0800 783 1401.

Technical Support

If you are in need of support for any of your BT services and are unsure where to turn to, then contact the official BT technical support telephone number. They will have a whole range of experts and if you are experiencing technical difficulties then this is the team to call on. Ring 0800 800 150 and get your issues solved as soon as possible.


If there are any problems and dissatisfaction, then it should be possible for customers to express their disappointment and attempt to come up to an agreement. When you phone the complaints number 0843 168 0458 you will be greeted by the official complaints team who will log your call and work with you to resolve the problem.

You may be offered a good will gesture or attempt to rectify any problems that have occurred. If you are experiencing issues, then type in your phone number at the Fault Page and discover whether there’s problems in the area.

BT Products and Services

BT Broadband

This leading coverage provider specialises in broadband and has various options for each customer. So depending on what you need, you could opt for either broadband, BT Infinity or other options. There’s a number of different features to pick from and if you need unlimited broadband, then BT have options for a whole household.

BT Sports

This new sports package only launched in 2013 and it took just two years to secure huge deals with Virgin Media and Sky TV. They are now part of the Virgin Media XL package and have more recently signed a new deal with boxing promoter Frank Warren’s BoxNation.

This service provider received instant criticism from many sceptic during their early stages but since then they have already grew and now as well as being a part of the two huge television companies, they also have agreements and rights with prestigious tournaments and sports.

They have the exclusive rights to the Premier League, FA Cup, BoxNation boxing, UFC and Nascar.

BT Phone and Line Rental

Not only do they have options to add a landline to their bundle of sports channels and broadband, but also coverage for mobile phones too. In fact the esteemed company made huge changes to their 4G service in 2013. BT Group now own EE and immersing deep into the mobile phone coverage industry.

About BT

BT is a telecommunications service of the BT group, which provides broadband, TV channels, phone and mobiles. The BT Customer Service team are based at a number of call centres around the UK with some being overseas.

This established business revealed their plans to help customers speak to assistance over the phone, and to ensure that it’s based in Britain. Now they aim to answer over 80% of calls in a UK call centre.

This huge company are amongst the leading telecommunication businesses in Britain and currently operate on a global scale. Their reach extends further than the UK as they offer their services overseas and currently have their broadband, phones and channels in over 170 countries. They employ almost 90,000 staff and each of them are service specialists.

Based in the UK, they have gone from strength to strength over the decades and now have one of the largest companies in the industry. Not only do they offer their Internet across the world but they also have their own tv package after securing the rights to Premier League football games and the UFC’s mixed martial arts.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the chance to avoid an unnecessary phone call, be sure to look at these FAQ’s before using one of the BT Broadband phone numbers. Many consumers are usually met with the same issues or curiosities, so take a look at the following answers.

Why is BT Broadband down?

If you are having problems with your broadband and are unsure why, firstly try resetting your modem and giving it a few minutes. If it still isn’t working then you can take a look at the fault finder. If you cannot find the problem or any reason it’s done then use the BT technical support telephone number.

What BT Broadband do I have?

Check your box, statements and modem for details on your current service. You can also Google ways to check your Internet speed and version. Alternatively you can phone their BT phone number for general enquiries.

How to install BT Broadband?

Don’t worry about this, if you are signing up to BT Broadband, it will be accompanied by a procedure and step BT step instructions for all laymans.

Who can I phone for BT Support?

This giant telecommunications company have a number of different services as previously mentioned, so it’s important to get through to the experts that you need. Look through the phone numbers for the most suitable team of staff.

Whether that’s to make a complaint about your BT Internet, sign up for BT Sports or add BT’s Mobile coverage.

How much is my monthly BT bill?

Check your e-mails and paper statements to find out more on your current deal. Alternatively you can phone about your accounts.

Can I get a specialist package for BT Sports and Broadband?

Yes, BT offer a number of different tailor made offers and also integrate their different sections. So, get something that suits your family or enjoy a sports crazy package for one. You can get the type of tariff that suits you with a selection of mobile phone deals, broadband and more.

Can I phone BT from a Mobile?

You can but it’s likely to cost more, check out our rates and find out when you are best to give BT a call.

Contact BT

If you don’t wish to contact them via telephone then message them on social media or by post.

Phone by opening hours

The BT phone number is open between the hours of 8am and 8pm on weekdays, and 9am and 6pm on the weekends.


If you wish to write to BT then check the back of your bill and write to the address stated.

Social Media

Facebook– Follow their deal updates, discounts and new technology or agreements on their Facebook.

Twitter– A great platform to remain updated but all still interact via their computer.

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