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 0843 903 1204

Calls to this number will cost 7p per minute plus your phone providers access charge. This is a call connection service. We are not affiliated with HMRC or Corporation tax services.

Call the Corporation Tax Contact Number Today

To speak with an adviser regarding Corporation Tax rates and charges you can call the Corporation Tax phone number on 0843 903 1204. Lines are open Monday to Friday 08:00 to 18:00, best times to call are between 08:00 to 09:00 and 17:00 to 18:00. You are advised to have your unique tax reference which is 10-digits in length to hand before you call.

What is Corporation Tax?

Call the Corporation Tax Contact Number on 0843 903 1204Running a business can be difficult, but paying tax doesn’t need to be. If you operate a limited company or an association such as a community club or otherwise – and you turn over a regular profit – you will need to register with HM Revenue and Customs for corporation tax within the UK. This is a certain level of tax that applies to bigger organisations and is therefore taxed fairly on certain types of income that you may receive.

As starting out in paying corporation tax can seem rather daunting, there is a dedicated corporation tax helpline set up on 0843 903 1204 to handle any queries or concerns you may have. This can be extremely helpful if you are completing a tax return for the first time, or if you are in need of assistance with a complex or unique set of circumstances.

One of the major differences between tax that ordinary people pay and self assessed business file for lies in the fact that you will need to inform HMRC outright if you need to pay any tax. It is important that you do so to ensure that you stay within UK law – and once you have written to and have registered with HMRC directly, you can then start to compile income records, expenditure and other sources of income. This will help you decide how much you need to pay to HMRC at the end of your accounting period (usually 12 months covered during the financial year).

Your return should always reach HMRC by the deadline – which, as standard, should be around a year after the end of your accounting period. The corporation tax customer services team are available to help address and resolve any problems you may have when it comes to filing, arranging for or even paying your tax – meaning that you never have to look far for corporation tax support.

Corporation tax helpline services are available to break down what may seem a fairly lengthy process – your tax return is, essentially, a record of what you’ve earned and when! By providing HMRC with this information, they will be able to calculate exactly how much tax you owe – and this, too, will differ depending upon how much your business earns in any given year.

If you are self employed or run a smaller firm, there is no need to worry – there are different types of income tax that you will need to pay depending upon the business that you have set up and what you offer. Corporations are much larger firms that have structuring, shareholders and more besides.

As HMRC run a variety of different services, they have needed to split their coverage up into different departments – this means that the corporation tax contact number is solely dedicated to returns and queries of that nature. To make matters even easier for you, we’ve gone to the effort of finding the most important numbers you need to call, and further contact details that you can use to reach a member of staff at your convenience.

Why might I need to contact corporation tax?

If you are venturing into running your own corporation, limited or otherwise, it is likely that you may already have an idea or two on how business works. However, the corporation tax telephone number is available for you to call if you have any doubts or concerns about the tax return process, or if you are unsure about what you may or may not be entitled to.

It is always important to seek support when in doubt, as the repercussions for company directors can be severe – from a £3000 fine to the loss of the ability to trade, HMRC should not be underestimated.

Tax returns don’t have to be complex – if you are entering your first year as a corporation, corporation tax support will help you understand exactly what to include and what to report on your annual statement. After all, these statements are put in place purely to ensure that HMRC don’t overcharge you nor undercharge you – if you keep solid records of your assets, comings and goings, you will be more than satisfying HMRC’s requests. For any other concerns, however, it is always best to call if in doubt.

If you are just starting out with corporation tax, or if you are unsure whether or not you are to be governed by this type of payment, the corporation tax phone number is always a great place to start. GOV.UK has also streamlined itself hugely over the past few years, making it much easier for directors and managers to find their way through the tax declaration process.

Corporation Tax Complaints

Complaints, unfortunately, sometimes need to be made. HMRC strive to make sure that their tax guidelines and support services are friendly, easy to understand and simple to follow. However, you may wish to escalate a concern if you feel that your case has been poorly handled, or if you feel that a decision made has been unjust or unfair.

In any circumstance, HMRC needs to know! They request and encourage corporation owners to contact corporation tax help directly on the dedicated phone number to ensure that problems can be addressed head on. As there is no corporation tax complaints telephone number in place at this time, this is arguably your best option should you need to speak to someone.

Alternatively, you can write to HMRC directly – however, the address supplied at the bottom of the page is set up for general enquiries, meaning that you may be advised to follow a separate complaints procedure.


How do I register for corporation tax?

If you are a limited company, you can register online – you’ll need to do so within three months of starting up your business, and you will be charged a one-off fee of £12 to do so with Companies House. If you run a non-limited corporation, it is best to contact HMRC in writing (please see the bottom of this page for details).

If you are in any doubt, contact the corporation tax contact number on 0843 903 1204 to request further assistance. If you struggle to get through on the above number you can try 0300 200 3410.

What records will I need to keep about my company for my return?

To be able to file a satisfactory return, you are advised to take on good accounting habits when it comes to the day to day running of your firm and the income you receive. You are advised by HMRC to keep details on your directors, shareholders, secretaries, votes and resolutions, loan information and debentures, indemnities, share purchases and loans and mortgages associated with company assets.

If in doubt, keep a log of it – as you may be required to divulge your accounting methods and details to HMRC should they request you to do so.

What do accounting records entail?

Any financial information related to your firm, limited or otherwise, should be retained to help build and file your tax return. The team available on the corporation tax phone number 0843 903 1204 will be able to advise you in detail – but you can generally expect to keep track of documents advising of income and outgoings, assets, debts (owed or owing), stock, stock takings, goods and people you traded with.

You must also keep track of receipts, delivery notes and cash orders, as well as documents related to money received and bank correspondence. If in doubt, once again, the corporation tax team can help – if you do not keep records efficiently, you may be fined £3000 and/or disqualified from directing your company.

How long should I keep documents for?

You are advised to keep hold of documentation for at least six years after the end of a financial year – but you are advised to do so for longer should other circumstances apply.

What do I do if I need to update company information?

Companies House is responsible for keeping track of corporate information, and you must therefore advise them each year on any changes made to your company and how it is run. This is known as an annual confirmation statement, and you will need to check that Companies House has all details relevant and correct.

For example, address records, shareholder information, SIC code and more besides will need to be inspected – you will be charged £13 per year to submit confirmation online, or £40 via post.

What is the current corporation tax rate?

As it currently stands, from April 2015 onwards, you will be expected to pay 20% tax on your corporate income. This has been reduced from previous years.

Other ways to get in touch with HMRC regarding corporation tax


Address (for enquiries)

Corporation Tax Services

HM Revenue and Customs


Social Media

Regardless of the type of tax you need to query, HMRC have a Twitter presence here that you can follow and contact for more advice.

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