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 0843 903 1158

Calls to this number cost 7p per minute, plus your phone provider’s access charge. We are not affiliated with HMRC or any tax rebate service, this is a call connection service which will direct your call to the official helpline.

Get Help with Tax Rebates

If you pay tax as an employee, or even if you are self employed, you may find that there are occasions where you may have paid too much in the way of tax towards the HMRC. This could happen for a number of reasons, and there are luckily more than a handful of ways through which you can file your request for repayment.

As part of GOV.UK’s redesign and streamlining of its various services, such as HMRC, you may even be able to claim your refund online. There are circumstances through which HMRC can also adjust future payslips and even your PAYE coding to ensure that you get back what you are entitled to – but, if at the end of the tax year or otherwise, you are still entitled to an external repayment, tax rebate support can help.

Call the Tax Rebate Contact Number Today

Call the Tax Rebate number on 0843 903 1158The tax rebate contact number is available through general tax enquiries services on 0843 903 1158 – which you can call to speak to a member of staff trained in all queries relating to taxation and over payments. It is recommended that you always call this number if you think that your tax code is incorrect, that you have been taxed incorrectly, or if you believe that you are due a refund.

HMRC are happy to offer rebates and refunds where they are justified, and it is therefore important to understand your personal circumstances and how you can claim for such rebates.

We have included details for you on what to expect from a tax rebate, circumstances through which you can claim a refund, and more besides. We have also enclosed an alternative Tax Rebate phone number for you and other ways to get in touch if you don’t want to call.

Whether you prefer finding support online or via telephone, there is always plenty of help on hand from the HMRC to ensure that you receive any money that you are entitled to! If you struggle to get through on the above number you can try 0300 200 3300.


What are the Tax Rebate contact number opening hours?

You can call the Tax Rebate helpline Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, Saturday 8am to 4pm and Sundays 9am to 5pm. Unfortunately they are closed on bank holidays.

Am I entitled to a tax rebate?

The shortest possible answer to this question, of course, is maybe! HMRC states that, if you have ceased work, overpaid your tax in any given year, bought a life annuity or have seen too much tax removed from your pay, you may be entitled to receiving some of your money back.

You may even be able to claim a rebate if you have needed to use money of your own to pay for work assets – or if you are UK resident earning money abroad (or the other way around).

What do I do if I’ve paid too much tax via PAYE?

If you’re employed and pay tax via your monthly earnings, you will normally see such deductions itemised on each wage slip you receive. However, there may be occasions where you overpay the tax that is required from you. This generally occurs if you are subject to emergency tax, which normally comes into effect if HMRC needs more information on the tax you’ve paid that particular year.

Once you supply your latest P45 to a new employer, HMRC will take note and adjust your next wage accordingly – meaning that if you’ve overpaid, you will generally receive money back in the next month’s wage. Alternatively, HMRC may even send a P800 tax calculation to you if they’ve discovered you’ve paid too much on what you’ve earned.

I think I may be due tax back from a few years ago – how do I claim?

For older tax years, if you feel you are due back a rebate, you can claim online or even by writing directly to HMRC. You will need to supply information on your income, your national insurance number and, if you have one for the time period to hand, a P45.

We have included information on how to write to HMRC at the bottom of this page. You can always call the tax rebate helpline on 0843 903 1158 if you would like further advice.

How does HMRC pay tax rebates?

You can receive rebates from HMRC normally in one of two ways – by cheque, sent via post, or directly via bank transfer. Alternatively, if you have a nominated person set up to receive refunds and rebates, they will receive a cheque to transfer via bank instead.

I am currently receiving benefits – will this affect any potential tax rebates I may receive?

If you are currently receiving carer’s allowance, long-term incapacity benefit, jobseeker’s allowance or ESA, you will not be able to claim for an immediate refund. If, however, you supply the Job Centre with your P45, you may get a refund on behalf of HMRC either at the end of the current tax year (April), or when you undertake a new job.

Your circumstances may differ, however, as if you are leaving work to study or were made redundant, you may be eligible for a refund sooner. Anyone leaving to study, for example, will need to fill in a P50.

I’m self-employed and think I may be entitled to a refund. What do I do?

This all depends upon how you filed your most recent return. If you did so online, you can simply log into your online account and request a repayment. If you filed a paper return, however, you will need to write to HMRC directly with information on why you feel you are entitled to a refund, and how much this comes to. We have included postal address details for you at the bottom of this page.

How long will it take for HMRC to process a refund?

While the tax rebate telephone number and helpline services can help with a variety of queries, they may not be able to directly speed up your tax rebate decision. If you are expecting to receive a payment, it is likely that you will receive a cheque. Cheques will normally be dispatched within 5 weeks of your request.

Should HMRC make refund payments into your bank account, however, you may receive it within 3 to 5 working days. If you don’t receive your refund within 5 to 6 weeks of claiming, you are advised to get back in touch with HMRC directly.

Alternatives ways to contact about a Tax Rebate


Tax Rebate Address

Pay As You Earn and Self Assessment

HM Revenue and Customs


Social Media

HMRC currently take on enquiries online via their Twitter account.


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