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 0843 903 1119

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Call the Wonga Contact Number Today

Call the Wonga Contact Number on 0843 903 1119Sometimes, waiting until payday can be hard. There may be some occasions where you are in need of money far ahead of you getting a fresh wage in your bank account, and this is why payday lenders such as Wonga existed. Wonga had been around for some time, coming to prominence through long-running advertising campaigns on TV and in print.

Wonga no longer accept applications from new or existing borrowers. They ceased trading in 2018.

You can still call the Wonga Contact Number on 0843 903 1119, Monday to Sunday 07:00 – 22:00.

About Wonga

Wonga’s method of lending to UK citizens is also arguably what sets it apart from other payday lenders, particularly before the payday lending boom took place. The company offered a ‘slider’ format for working out the loan you need, and once you’d calculated exactly how much you needed and what you could afford to give back, you could either continue with your loan application online, or could call Wonga support for further assistance.

The website now shows an announcement for existing borrowers explaining that all loans must still be repaid in full. It also gives advice on what to do and what to expect if you claimed against Wonga for misspelling of a payday loan.

Why might I call the Wonga contact number?

While Wonga may not have the departmentalisation of other companies for reasons of necessity, there are still numbers you can call to ensure that your query is being fielded by the best possible advisor for the job. You may wish to call Wonga on 0843 903 1119 if you need to apply for a loan, or if you aim to arrange paying it back.

Alternatively, you may even need to report problems with the website, or you could require assistance with setting up your loan through the web portal. In any case, here are just a few of the ways in which Wonga can help you via telephone:

  • General enquiries
  • Loan applications
  • Repayment queries
  • Payments
  • Website queries and troubleshooting
  • Complaints
  • Fraud
  • Press enquiries

As a straightforward loans company, there are no departments for technical support or likewise. However, the Wonga contact number is host to a wide variety of help from teams of dedicated personnel – meaning that one call should only ever be all that you need to make!

If you need to contact Wonga, we have included various numbers that you can call further down the page – this way, you can get in touch with who you need to in no time at all.


When can I call Wonga for support?

Wonga customer service are available from 7am to 10pm, Monday to Sunday – meaning that if you even need to call them on a weekend, you can do so without concern.

What is Wonga’s main telephone number?

The main Wonga telephone number that you need to call in the event of any general enquiries is 0207 138 8330. If you need more dedicated support elsewhere, however, please consult our table above for further information.

Why did Wonga reject my request?

Your loan is always subject to a number of factors, and Wonga will only ever lend to you if your payment history suggests that you will be able to return the loan to them within the parameters that they set out.

This means that, unfortunately, if your payment history score is not as healthy as it could be, you may be restricted from taking out the best loan available from the firm.

Can I pay my loan back early? If so, how?

Of course you can! Paying your loan back early is obviously encouraged if you can – it is within your interests too, as it means that you can save on accruing interest further down the line. Therefore, doing so can even save you a little bit of money in the bargain.

To pay your loan off earlier than scheduled, you can either do so via your online account or by calling the Wonga helpline directly. You’ll set up an online account when you first visit and take out your loan, meaning that this system is always in place to help you make changes or repayments.

How much am I able to borrow from Wonga?

Wonga specialises on short-term loans, meaning that you may not be able to request the higher funding that some lenders offer, but you’ll be saving interest in doing so. According to the website sliders, you can choose to borrow up to £400 on your first visit – but a call to the Wonga phone number will soon advise how much you are entitled to based on a number of factors.

How do I work out my loan?

Handily, Wonga’s loan sliders are the first thing you see when visiting their website. This will help you choose how much you want to borrow, how long for, and the interest you can expect to pay back.

Alternative Wonga Contact Numbers

The quickest and easiest way to contact Wonga is to call the Wonga phone number on 0843 903 1119, if you struggle to get through on this number you can also contact Wonga on 0207 138 8330.

How do I make a complaint to Wonga?

If you need to escalate any concerns you may have with your Wonga loan or the way that your query has been handled, you are free to complain through a number of means. The company encourages calling in the first instance should your concerns be resolvable via telephone, however, you can also email or write in via post with any queries or complaints you may have.

In the absence of a dedicated Wonga complaints telephone number, this is great news for all customers. We have included the relevant contact details for you below.

Alternative methods of contact






S95 1AR

Email Address

[email protected]

Social Media

Wonga has a presence on major social media networks such as Twitter, should you wish to connect with them further through there.

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