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 0843 903 1120

Calls to this number cost 7p per minute plus your phone provider’s access charge. This is a call connection service. We are not affiliated with Yodel.

Call the Yodel Contact Number Today

If you need to speak to a Yodel customer service adviser regarding tracking the location of your parcel, a damaged parcel, returns, exchanges, setting up a business account or any other general enquiries you can call the Yodel contact number on 0843 903 1120. Lines are open Monday to Friday 08:00 – 19:00 and Saturday 09:00 – 13:00.

Alternative ways to Contact Yodel

If you are unable to get through to Yodel customer services on the above number you can try the official Yodel phone number on 0844 755 0117.

Yodel have an intuitive online tracking system in place with a section dedicated to help and support so if you prefer to contact online rather than calling the Yodel phone number you can do. Please be aware response times may be longer submitting queries online rather than phoning.

Yodel also have a web chat facility where by you can speak with the customer service team in real time, you can access this facility here. Yodel webchat is available Monday to Friday 08:00 – 22:00 and Saturday 08:00 – 17:00.

You can also contact Yodel via the popular social media platform, Twitter.

About Yodel

Call the Yodel Contact Number on 0843 903 1120After the online sales boom really took off, the demand upon couriers increased. This is why big firms such as Yodel, who are dedicated to delivering items and packages up and down the UK for a variety of firms and reasons, have really come into their own. One of the biggest couriers currently working today, Yodel regularly deliver and do so with passion – and should you need to contact the Yodel helpline, you can do so via 0843 903 1120.

Yodel generally work on behalf of big companies and are one of the leading customer logistics companies around. This means that, regardless of where you order from, there is every chance that your package may be handled and delivered by the firm’s drivers.

The Yodel contact number 0843 903 1120 is in place to help address all queries and concerns at the point of interaction. While the firm’s website has a large help centre to address the majority of concerns, you may also do so by calling Yodel customer services directly – sometimes, you need to speak to another human being, and this is why the helpline was set up in the first place.

While you can reach the majority of departments and support you need via the main helpline number, we have also included a handy table of contacts for you below to help you get to where you need to be going.

Why might I need to contact Yodel directly?

Yodel’s website has been set up to field and address the vast majority of queries and concerns that may come their way with regard to parcels, deliveries and more. Along with web chat, social media and more besides, you can of course get in touch with their support team via the dedicated Yodel contact number in the first instance.

Through here, you can track parcels, query delivery times and even make more complex queries that the website may not be able to field directly. Here are just a few more reasons as to why you may need to contact Yodel’s telephone support for more help:

  • Parcel tracking enquiries
  • Problems with a delivery
  • Undelivered parcels
  • Incorrect packages received
  • Tracking queries
  • Complaints
  • General enquiries

While Yodel support staff are trained and able to handle a whole host of enquiries regardless of their nature, much of the problems that can be resolved by telephone can also be handled via the website’s help centre, web chat or even via Twitter.

However, if you are more comfortable addressing your concerns via telephone, the Yodel phone number 0843 903 1120 is always in place to ensure that a helpful and friendly member of the team can help you when you need support the most.

Common Questions

How can I rearrange a delivery?

Depending on the delivery cards that have been left for you, there are a number of ways through which you can arrange a further delivery. Firstly, if you have received more than two delivery cards, you can only ever arrange to collect your item from your local depot.

However, if you receive a card with a number for your local courier, you can call them directly and rearrange dispatch whenever is most convenient for you.

Where is my nearest Yodel depot?

Helpfully, the Yodel website hosts a tracker that will help you to find your nearest package depository. This is particularly handy if you need to collect your parcel on a separate occasion, particularly if you have missed a number of delivery attempts at your home address. You can visit the tracker here for more information.

The online tracker isn’t helping me to find what happened to my parcel – what do I do?

In the first instance that the online tracker isn’t giving you the information or support you need with your parcel, you should always call Yodel customer services on 0843 903 1120. The team will be able to analyse what has happened to your package and, if necessary, report back to the operator through which you initially ordered.

Yodel support is set up to handle a wide variety of complex queries and can therefore be depended upon even if all seems lost online.

My parcel has arrived damaged – what do I do?

In this instance, you are encouraged to contact the company you directly ordered from to arrange a return. However, if you feel that the way the item was couriered is to blame for the arrival of the package, you can always call the Yodel telephone number for further support.

How do I become a client of Yodel?

If you run a business which needs to dispatch items to customers on a regular basis, you may well benefit from Yodel’s logistics services. With only a handful of information on your parcel deliveries and location, you can start the process of signing up for a partnership with the delivery firm via their website.

If you are interested in Yodel handling your business’ parcels and packages in future, you can do so by clicking here and following the instructions to fill out the online form.

How to make a complaint

While a Yodel complaints telephone number does not exist at this time, there are other means through which you can address your queries and concerns. The best way to do so is either by calling the Yodel helpline, by contacting their web chat service, or even by addressing them directly on Twitter.

They are one of many firms who has a dedicated team set up on the social network to address any escalating concerns you may have. We have also included the Yodel headquarters address at the bottom of this page for your reference.

Alternative ways to contact Yodel

Yodel Website


Yodel Address


Second Floor

Atlantic Pavilion

Albert Dock



L3 4AE

Social Media

For help on tracking parcels, the service you’ve received and more besides, Yodel has a large presence on Twitter – simply click here to start following them.




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